Perfect for tourism pros!

Teletravel can be the answer you expect, both for you and for your customers!

→ For you :

As we are targeting many destinations, we know that the education tour remains one of the best ways to acquire the necessary knowledge about a country and its culture, but you still need to stay there long enough. Teletravel® can accompany you on this experience..

Benefits for the company :

→ To have an employee better qualified for selling the products and therefore to increase the turnover of the agency.

→ Increase the overall quality of the agency: more qualitative products, more qualified agents with more knowledge and a more efficient overall service. 

→ Build customer loyalty.

→ Offer responsible products: green, sustainable tourism.

→ Promote yourself as an agency attentive to its employees, their expertise, their well-being, and their personal & professional development.

→ Promote yourself as an agency that listens to the demand of its clients and changes in the tourism sector.

Benefits for the employee :

→ Develop your knowledge of the destination.

→ Experience a unique adventure.

→ Travel while continuing to work.

→ Feel the recognition of your employer.

→ Understand the versatility of the company, see the impact of your position on the business and be even more involved in the development of the brand.

→ For your clients 

Over the past few years, new desires in the tourism industry have appeared. Amongst them, the slow tourism has increased, becoming more than a simple trend.

The current situation :

  • Tourism saturation in high season for certain destinations
  • Tourism’s environmental impact
  • Disparities in tourism revenues across geographic regions
  • The duration for the majority of the trips is usually too short to truly discover another culture

In addition, the COVID-19 crisis has accelerated the spread of teleworking by raising awareness of the benefits for many previously reluctant companies.

Established as the most innovative incoming Tour Operator thanks to its 3D scans, mobile app and 360 images, Best of Tours’ team has launched a new concept aimed at transforming tomorrow’s travel.

Teletravel may be the answer to some of your customers searching for a new way of travelling. Contact us to help you set up this innovative product!