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And for my associates?

What are the advantages for you ?

And for my associates?

You are a company director or Human Resources manager and are constantly keen to find new ideas to provide your employees with a feeling of well-being at work, showing that you are aware of their needs? Most of all, you want to contribute to a better work-life balance? 

Today, Teletravel® wants to support you in offering your employees the unique #teletravel experience. 


What are the benefits for your business?

  • Fixed costs will be decreased as offices are generally the 2nd highest fixed costs for companies
  • A real asset for recruitment: a better chance at attracting highly experienced candidates
  • Employees who come back more knowledgeable from this experience (training, language development, discovery of a market, a destination, etc.) – more efficient.  
  • Employees will come back enriched with experience on the destination, the language, the culture, etc.
  • A positive impact on the environment providing a greater image for your company overall 


What are the advantages for the employee? 

  • Experience a unique adventure thanks to your employer.
  • Treat yourself to the dream of a long trip without impacting your professional career and with a reduced impact on their days off.
  • Develop knowledge and skills through different learning opportunities (training, language improvement, discovery of a market, a destination, etc.)
  • Feeling appreciated by the company you work for. 


We want to set up a label that rewards and highlights the companies that participate in this project. Added value in terms of communication for your recruitment but also in terms of the company’s brand image.


Our services may include the support from a firm specializing in employees statutory rights to advise and assist you in your procedures.